Have you thought about your 2016 content marketing budget?



Most people by the end of 2015 will have already decided on their New Year’s resolution and will be all geared up for the first few days, weeks or month after which their interest is likely to dip. Figures show that almost 70 per cent of business to consumer marketers are using content marketing but out of these less than 40 per cent are finding their strategies effective. 2016 is set to change and you could too with a new content marketing strategy in place.



In order to have the right content marketing strategy you need to first look at how marketing trends have changed. First of all Spam and content that is packed full of keywords is out. Most people have blockers in place for Spam and pop up ads so the time setting them up is wasted. What consumers want is quality content; they don’t want to type in a search and find that the site they end up on has nothing to do with their original query.



If you want to get the best out of your content marketing venture in 2016 then go for quality content instead. Spending money on your content marketing strategy could help take your venture to new heights and not leave you wasting time, money and energy on strategies that do nothing but annoy the hell out of customers rather than attract them.



Advertisement blockers have been created to challenge advisers beyond Spam. They now also look for content that is valuable to readers, relevant and not keyword stuffed. Using a quality content marketer will allow you to get your website, business or both out there without literally hitting an advertisement wall. Not great news for the automated content software creators but good news for those that want the upper hand.



To succeed in 2016 you will need to have a content marketing budget to spend on a good team around you to help you. You don’t just need a writer you will also need good editorial skills, targeted keywords and relevance to your site. Good teams need good communication so that everyone is on the same page, any changes should be shared with the team on a regular basis. This will enable all members of the team to monitor the progress of the venture.


Not too sure how to get started in content marketing for 2016? Or why even? Check out this great live webinar enthusiastically presented for some great information!


Business to business marketers are among the highest users of content marketing at 88 per cent and up until now the free and cheap technology to assist them has been somewhat successful. In 2016 this technology will not be totally obsolete, however it will be less successful than it has been previously. If you are prepared to invest in your content marketing budget then you will see that your search engine rankings will soar above those using older methods to save money.

Check out my blog on using Evergreen content that will be relevant to your potential customers in years to come.


If you think of any type of person that tells you they are able to perform a multitude of tasks and then speak to one that specialises in just one, you will find the specialist far superior in knowledge and ability as they have spent the time concentrating on their niche. The same can be said for content marketing. Having a full team and good content marketing software that has been programmed around the recent changes will allow those willing to invest more of their content marketing budget and time to succeed vs those that won’t.
If you’d like to chat about how to put a content marketing strategy in place then just contact me and don’t forget to check out the Free Email Marketing Tools I put up for you guys last week.



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