A little more about me...

Whilst growing up I had two major passions, singing and writing. My Mum recently told me when I was a kid she asked me why I enjoyed these two things so much and my answer was “because I like to make people happy”. If you asked me now I would say the same thing, however now I realise that it’s also about helping people. Connecting with, inspiring and motivating people is why I love to write and that’s why I provide you with great content that people love to read and the search engines love to find.

I’m happy to say I’ve carried these passions through to my adult life, now with more knowledge, feeling and experience behind me.

I’ve spent over 15 years in the Music Industry building the knowledge and experience of trying to get signed, being signed, touring, songwriting, recording and performing. This brings authenticity to my blogs and why I specialise in being a Music Blogger.

I’m currently living in Hornchurch, Essex with Scampi the cat, where you can find me meeting new people, seeking out great food, teaching singing, performing in a covers band, and last but no means least, writing for local businesses and growing their online social media presence.


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