In my last blog post, I chatted about Evergreen Content and how it can boost your SEO, today it’s all about Blabbing!


Are you looking for a social media platform where you can blab your heart out? Well you’re reading content written for all those talented people who are in search of the right platform for not only showcasing their talent but also wanting to share and give it to other people. Blab app is an amazing video streaming social media platform which lets you connect, share, explore and chat with all the inquisitive and talented people online. It’s an awesome way to get your video live!



How to get started with blab?

Getting started with blab is as simple as the entire process of getting live and sharing videos on Blab app. You don’t need to create a special account for Blab. You can login with your twitter account itself. You’ll have all the freedom on this world for not only personalising your account on Blab but you can also change your bi and notifications in the settings. Just click on the profile picture icon to set a new photograph of your choice.

Inviting people to your Blab is even easier. All you need to do is search them by typing their twitter handles and invite them for the live session. You can tag three people at a time for your blab chat. The entire process of going live and chatting is so amazing that people really look forward to joining in any of the live talk shows on Blab with their friends, colleagues or clients!



How to create a new Blab?

You can easily create a new Blab with the help of the purple icon below the profile picture. On clicking that purple icon a new Blab will open for you. Now you have to tag up to three people to start your Blab. Just give an interesting and intelligent heading to your Blab to grab people and make it appealing. It helps greatly to be creative with your titles and you have to constantly try to create interest and inquisitiveness in your target audience. You’ll get both the options of going live at that very moment or you can schedule the programme for future. The time of broadcast completely depends on your convenience and plans.



Record the Blab!

If you’re one of those who doesn’t want to limit yourself to a single platform then Blab app is just for you. It lets you record your broadcasted programme then as soon as you finish the recording, you’ll receive an MP3 or MP4 link which you can repost on YouTube, Twitter and similar social networking site. You can even replay the programme on the Blab itself. The only difference will be that you will not get the live audience or chat this time round.



Format of Blab!

Format of blab is similar to talk shows on television. Initially you have one primary guest with whom you chat and discuss with. After that another guest joins in and becomes the primary guest while the first one takes a back seat but stays active in the programme. You can also be the moderator and accept invitations when one or more seats get empty.



Benefits of using Blab!

Blab is one of the most beneficial programmes for business promotion. If you have some talent in arts, music or other such activities, you can conduct live demonstrations on Blab. Musicians can give live classes. This will not only help other people in learning but it may open many avenues of success for the artist too. Business can take a lot of advantage by activities like host contests, promote events and share on the scene video for active participation from the audience. Promotion of the event on Blab, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and other such platforms will strongly register the name of your business in the minds of your potential customers or clients!


So what are you waiting for? Get promoting yourself and start blabbing!

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