Hi and welcome! I'm Marie and I'm a Content Creator based in the UK.

If you’ve been looking for a Copywriter in Essex and London, or even just in the UK! Then I can increase the amount of visitors you have visiting your website or webpage. Content is more important than it’s ever been and I pride myself on being able to provide you with the right content marketing to keep your visitors engaged.


How my copywriting skills can help you

If you’ve seen a website that you like and would like to recreate the success, or a combination of many, then as a Copywriter in Essex and London I can provide you with an informative website that isn’t plagiarised. This will provide you with the content marketing you need but expertly written so that it doesn’t stand out as being copied and hinders your ranking on search engines.



If you’d like new, well researched content or well written information about the service or product you provide, then let me give you the style, expertise and optimisation you need to be successful.  



Being a Social Media Manager in Essex and London too, I’m able to offer you my expertise in getting your website noticed. My skills are not only in promoting your website, but more importantly in making sure that the people that see your website are interested in your business niche. Getting people to visit your website that have clicked a link just to get paid won’t stay for long, and won’t give you a better search engine rank. What it can do though is get your site banned from search engines. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen and that the people that find their way to your site are looking for your service or product. There’s no point in having a social media consultant that doesn’t drive the right traffic to your website   and that don’t actually purchase anything! Which is where targeted social media comes in.


What is a Social Media Manager?

A Social Media Manager will ensure your company name gains and retains its good reputation through using the most up to date methods of advertising and interaction. As a Social Media Manager in London and Essex, I can keep you abreast of changes to trends in advertising and what the customers want. No customers like a forced sale, but what they do like is choice and being offered a service or product that interests them. Targeted social media is something that I specialise in, bringing you more public exposure, website hits and ultimately, sales. 

You can also grab my Ebook, Social Media Domination, which will guide you through which social media platforms to set up and how!


Why choose me?

Being both a Copywriter and Social Media Manager in Essex and London, I’m native English and can therefore read and comprehend the information you give me and turn it into content that you can be proud of. It doesn’t matter how many words you need me to use; whether a page, a few paragraphs or a whole website, I can work around your specifications.



With content marketing, it’s important as a Social Media Manager that I take as much time as you need me to so I can create exactly what you want and need. I use necessary keyword optimisation to ensure you can be found, but make sure the placement of the keywords keeps the content consistent and natural.



I work mainly with small businesses looking to start up a website or improve their existing one. I’ll research new niche’s thoroughly to give you unique content and social media marketing that will boost your company image and website visitors. You can read my current and previous clients’ Testimonials to the left hand side of this page.


Take a look at My Services page so that you have a better idea of the range of services I offer and contact me with any questions.



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