We were so excited to be invited to the gorgeous Gorilla Perfume store in Islington on Monday. Not only do we love a bit of Angel, Islington but we got to make new friends, listen to exclusive tracks by Broken Forest and smell all sorts of delightful pleasantries. Here’s what happened…….

So we arrived on that gorgeous sunny Monday, only knowing that Gorilla Perfume was a side project to the amazing Lush owners. (Love those bath bombs!) and errrrr obviously….they sell perfume! We left knowing so much more thanks to the amazing staff showing such pure passion for the brand and products!

The store itself was such a relaxing place to be with really cool, up cycled furniture and design.

So every single product they sell on line and in store is absolutely cruelty free, here here!  They have created such a vast range of perfumes for both men and women and have created them with a personal touch in mind. When you smell one it could take you back to a memory of that camping trip, that beach holiday or your Grandma’s house! The different scents definitely conjured up some great trips down memory lane for us!

Our faves were Furze and Staying Alive, gorgeous!

The Gorilla Perfume team also collaborate with talented singer/songwriters. They take the specific scent of one of their perfumes, take a songwriter, mash them together a voila! You get a fantastic, meaningful song inspired by the scent of the perfume. The fantastic Broken Forest did just that and we were lucky enough to watch them perform acoustically.

So all in all what a brilliant way to spend an evening. And we love our goodie bags and the contents! Thanks so much to the Gorilla Team!

For more info on Gorilla Perfume check out

And find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Happy Shopping!

Love30 xx