Generating an audience is vital to the life of your website. Great content and amazing graphics are of no value if no one sees your page or if they visit once and don’t return or purchase. Keeping customers on your website and making sales requires engaging them in a personal way. Social media and banner ads get lost in a flurry of overcrowded streams of information. Your goal should be to reach out to prospects who have an interest in your industry and send them personalized content straight to their email.

An email is more personal than an ad or social media post. It is a message just for them and a call to action -a recommendation from a friend. People tend to be naturally more receptive to things in their inbox because they tend to guard that address from spam and feel a sense of privacy. This is a more intimate medium of communication that leads to honest decisions to purchase your product. A targeted email list allows you to reach prospects with similar interests by providing them with information and offers in order to eventually turn them into a customer by following these steps.


  • Step 1: Create useful content that your website visitors are searching for. Then provide a comment area where they can interact with you. Once you have visitors to your site using content and engagement, provide an opt-in to your email marketing list to convert your visitors into subscribers.


  • Step 2: Every website should have a corresponding blog that is accessible from each page of the website. Regular and fresh content gives your visitors a reason to return to your website, and each time they visit is an opportunity to get them to join your email marketing list. Avoid content that is self-promotional and looks like an advertisement. Readers will return only for informational and entertaining articles.


  • Step 3: Advertise your blog posts on Social Media, not your product. The goal should be to drive visitors to your website to read the content that will ultimately convince them to buy. Your website content is intended to build a relationship with the customer.


  • Step 4: Use give-aways to not only prompt visitors to your site but as an incentive to subscribe. You can use free reports, how-to guides, or anything else that your fans will view as useful. In order to send this prize, you’ll need their email address. If the information is enticing and deemed valuable, your website visitors will have no problem exchanging their information for your offer.


Follow these simple steps, add value to the reader and watch your business grow.