As more and more people are now auditioning for TV shows such as the ‘X Factor’ and ‘The Voice’, you can be pretty certain that the amount of competition is increasing. This means that when you walk into that audition, you have to be fully prepared to show exactly what you are made of. Confidence is key!
Your main mission when you’re in front of those judges is to always walk away with a date in the diary for the next round, however the reality is that this is much tougher than we realise. This means that practice and preparation is vital to get the absolute best reception from the judges possible.

In my opinion,one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a career in singing is to use a vocal coach and take vocal lessons. Even if you think you don’t need lessons, there are always new skills to pick up and areas of your vocals or performance to improve upon. Even the professional singers all work with talented vocal coaches. Great skills to learn are diction, breathing correctly, controlling your voice, and generally improving your skills on a continual basis. It would be a rarity to find a professional singer who does not continually work with a vocal coach.So as an amateur, to always work on building vocal skills is crucial. p_singing-lesson_1710002c

Another great tip to follow is to select your song months in advance and practice, practice, practice! Practice until you know the words backwards, forwards and everywhere in between! Don’t be the one that forgets the words! Stress is one of the most likely causes for you to forget the lyrics when you’re in the audition so practice as much as you can to be super confident. An additional benefit to practice, practice, practice! Is that you will be comfortable with the flow of the song, and have loads of time to pick a different track if you feel your first choice isn’t working for you.

Which brings us nicely on to song selection. Its a good idea to have at least two songs that you are prepared to sing on the audition day. This means knowing two full songs inside out and not just one song that you know fully and another one that you know a little, winging it on the day. You need two songs that you know fully so that you can properly perform the second song if you’re asked to.
There are times, particular with these TV talent shows, when the contestant is asked to perform a second song so being prepared for this situation will ensure that you can sing that song with the same confidence as the first one.

Moving on to your final tip! Which is to pick a specific style. It would be way too hard for one person to be the master of all musical styles so pick the one that you most enjoy singing and that represents you as an artist. Do you like folk? Are you a rock chick or rock god? You might even discover that you enjoy to sing classically or in an R&B style or even like to rap a bit!



Which ever style you’re most comfortable with you need to find it so experiment first of all with different styles and play around with your voice. From tone, to flow, to song selection, you are creating an entire package, creating a recording artist so remember to be true to yourself.

Also remembering to stay modest will help you in the audition process. You tend to find people that shout about how good they are and how ‘they’re the one to beat’ let their huge ego get in the way of progressing further. No one wants to work with an ass! Most who are truly talented know just how stiff the competition is and they go in ready to work towards their goal. If you are certain that singing is that one thing that makes you get out of bed in the morning….. practice, be humble, learn and listen!

P.S. Good luck 😉