How Fit Is Your Mind?


For those of us with stressful, hectic lifestyles, meditation is an ideal way to tap in to our spiritual, devotional nature which is an exercise recommended for everyone. By simply reflecting upon our day and finding happiness within ourselves, meditation can promote overall good health and reduce our stress levels. We can use this along with other mind exercises to help our mind function at top performance and to keep our mind fit.


Meditation-...-not-plain--007All of us know that in order to keep our body fit, we need to exercise. But how many of us stop and think to do the same for our mind? Our meditation and spirituality practices are the great tools we have available to keep our mind fit. If we don’t take the time to care for this complicated and versatile machine, it may have trouble functioning and can become overwhelmed.
Our mind enters various stages of brain wave activity throughout our day using the brain waves to allow us time to rest our busy mind and cope with all information that’s been received that day. Our mind cannot maintain a good state of fitness if we don’t give ourselves enough time to rest, just like our bodies after exercise.


Music, breathing and aromas are a few ways we can reflect on our day and allow the mind to get that well deserved rest and replenishment it needs to stay strong. But can these methods alone actually keep us mentally fit? No, not alone. Seeking opportunities to learn, gaining knowledge and being creative such as drawing, singing, painting, designing, all provide our mind the stimulus it needs in order to stay fit and healthy.


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Taking the time to keep our mind youthful and continually learning new information will help to reduce the risk of developing many age-related mental illnesses. Learning new things forces our minds to form new neural pathways for which we need to form new memories and for the transmission of information from the body to the mind. Simply put, we lose the fitness of the mind if we don’t exercise.


We need to ensure to incorporate in our daily routines the time to maintain our mental fitness, just as we strive to maintain our physical fitness. Yes that can be during quiet times such as a nice walk, candle lit bath or it can be driving along with the wind in your hair and the radio blasting out loud! Whichever you choose and whatever time of day just remember to embrace each moment and keep your mind fit.

Originally posted 2015-03-09 10:31:39.