The internet revolution is not just a mild wave anymore, it’s a sweeping storm…..and if you still haven’t figured out the ways to use it to your advantage, then it’s time to think about it! Utilizing the revolution to your benefit definitely has its perks, but it has its own fair share of disadvantages too. Lack of website traffic is one of the most common problems of business owners.  So the question often asked is, how do I get more traffic to my website? The answer is simple. Use this revolution to your advantage, but in a meaningful manner. Now let’s try to find out how we can tackle the problem of having less traffic on the site and the ways through which we can increase it.



Concentrate on the content

You may have heard it a thousand times, but here it is again once more. Content is king! And we can never compromise on the quality of the content on your site. Even Google has specified, ‘keep it fresh, and ‘keep it relevant’. There are two things to be noted here, the content has to be fresh, and at the same time relevant. In fact, its a proven fact that new content can help you to get more traffic through your loyal customers. There are many who actually have their favourite websites who come back to find out if there is any new published content.

The main purpose of a good website is to keep your audience hooked so that there are repeat visits. Then there is the question of how frequently new content should be published. The answer is… depends on the site or the blog! What you need to do is create a publishing schedule or a strategy and concentrate on it. Also, think about what the readers want. Will your readers be happy with regular updates or are they looking for a blog every week? In case it’s a daily target, don’t forget to write your posts in advance so that you don’t miss the deadlines.




Grab help from social media

You may say that your content is fine and ask the question, “How do I get more traffic to my website through other methods?” Well, you can take help from the broad social media platforms. Social media has now become a form of alternative reality. In case you’re looking for a substantial spike in your traffic volume, the best places to concentrate are Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest. Twitter for example is one of the most effective places of getting the targeted audience i.e. there are people who want to follow you as they have interest in what you do. Always remember that on Twitter it’s not the quantity, but the quality of your followers matter.

With Pinterest again, you can create a Pinterest page for the business. With Pinterest, you’re also able to get a number of analytic reports which are beneficial to see how different posts are performing, what you’re audience is most engaged with and not engaged with so you can learn from what’s working and what isn’t. The good thing about social media platforms is that there are a number of opportunities to optimize the ways in which you do business. You just need to find out which ways will be beneficial for your site.



Guest post on high traffic sites

There is one thing to understand about guest posts, they’re not going to get you links. They should give you traffic benefits. It’s a proven fact that any guest post on trusted websites will help you to get a steady flow of traffic. What you can do is create a list of high profile websites and find out the editors of those sites. You can simply follow these editors on social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Connecting with them sharing your valid ideas can be extremely useful, and once you know that the vibe is right, you can put in your idea about the guest post. Once you get 3 to 4 strong links from any trusted site, you must grab the opportunity, but never overdo it or start building the links based only on guest posting alone. You’ll be surprised to know that when you consider all the effective methods of increasing your traffic for free, even Google finds blogging effective, but only when it’s valuable for both publisher and author.



Make a mobile version of the site

With the internet revolution has come the smartphone phenomenon. And it’s no longer possible to ignore its immense possibilities. It’s a proven fact that 28% of the mobile searches are seeing a conversion within an hour, so if you have a website, you need to have a mobile version as well. All you need to do is create a mobile version of your site. If you’re on WordPress, you can use the plugin, or you can take help of a dedicated service provider as well. Both ways, it will work fine.

There are probably a number of actionable methods to increase the traffic to your site but try to figure out which one works best for you! Knowing your business and your targeted audience is important as it will help you to figure out the best ways to connect with them!


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