We reveal our top 5 secrets just for you!

When stepping out in the day for a bit of shopping and a coffee with the girls or glamming ourselves up for a night out on the town, we love our legs gorgeously soft, smooth, sun kissed and with a touch of sheen and shine! So here we reveal to you our 5 simple steps to getting the perfect looking pins!

We haven’t been paid to feature ANY of the products we mention below, we just want to spread the word with you guys what works best for us…..
1) Exfoliate
The night before we jump in the shower and exfoliate thoroughly, getting rid of those dead skin cells and dry skin. We make up our own scrub with solid cocoa butter (we use Palmers Cocoa Butter) and any sugar (just grab what you’ve got out the kitchen cupboard) which works wonders and and doesn’t cost half as much as a pre made scrub!

Now you can use your regular loofah to scrub OR you can do what we do, especially on the knees, and that’s to use a toothbrush. Yes you heard us…… a toothbrush!! It works! Just remember to NOT use the one you currently brush your teeth with. Use an old one or just buy a cheap one from that shop down the road. It really gets in those knee creases leaving them looking lovely and moist. Who doesn’t like a moist looking knee?

Next up, we shave. We love the Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Razor, it gives a really close shave and we’re a sucker for a pretty colour razor…….

Now forget the expensive shaving foam……. use conditioner on your legs instead! It leaves the legs so soft and in our opinion, much softer than any shaving foam we’ve ever tried. If you don’t want to use your expensive conditioner then just buy a cheaper one, it works just as well!

*Top Tip*- our leg hair grows the most between the hours 10am- 2pm so try to shave after 2pm to get the smoothest legs for longer!

We then get our favourite moisturiser with tanning lotion already in it. We love Dove Summer Glow which comes in different shades to suit your skin colour.

We go with this as there’s minimal risk of streaking or random patches that keep us up at night, and it’s so natural looking for that gorgeous sun kissed look.

Now it’s time for some sleep!

5) Moisturise
The next day before heading out, we use a great trick to get the lovely sheen on your legs…… reach for that Palmers cocoa butter again and rub it all over those gorgeous legs of yours! Concentrate on the shin and thigh area and oi oi! *wolf whistle* You are good to go! Now go flaunt your perfectly prepped pins of yours and tell us how any of these tips worked for you by commenting below!