In a world where everything is connected through the internet, getting information and passing it on is a process which can be completed in a blink of an eye. In so many ways, this is an excellent thing as this has given rise to various platforms where useful, important information can be shared and awareness created easily and without hassle.


One sector that can particularly benefit from the internet and the changed times that it brings with itself is the business sector. From social media, to blogging, to SEO optimized websites, the internet has opened up a vast amount of opportunities that businesses can easily exploit and use to their advantage.


Here are the top five benefits of blogging for businesses:


1) It’s free marketing!

One of the important advantages of blogging is that it is oh so simple. All you need to do is to write all the necessary information in an informal manner and upload it to the website. It’s a simple task that hardly takes any time at all. What makes this even more lucrative is that it’s also free marketing for the company. Whether it’s about a product or a new chain of outlets yet to open, everything can be blogged about, leading to instant distribution of information amongst existing and potential clients.


2) The business can have its voice heard

Often it’s difficult for customers to understand the people behind the business and blogs are the perfect opportunity to counter that. It’s a great way to put out any information about the company that would normally never go out with the official information. Informal and engaging, it can be the most convenient way to get the message across to the customer base whilst being personable. It’s also a great way to share stories and initiatives that the company has taken part in and give out information on opportunities for people to hop on board.


3) Keep the customers updated

A new product launch, a new service feature, a new store opening- any kind of news about the company can be quickly and immediately updated on the company blog. Not only will you be putting information out there for your existent customer base to update themselves with; but it will also show up on search engine results which is a great way to expand the customer base without spending millions on advertising.


4) Keep the customer coming back!

Creating fresh content in your blog and sharing information that the customer will find valuable will encourage them to become a returning visitor. If they have bought your service or product, they may never return again, but if you give them something of value in your blog, for instance top tips, then they will come back to seek out more and quite possibly buy another service or product from you!


5) Posts about the company employees

Blogs are also an excellent way for people to learn more about the employees working at the company and be more connected to them.