In the modern, fast paced world that we live in today, everything is connected through the internet. Even in the online world, a large number of different forums and platforms exist for people to get their message across to the rest of the world. One important online platform for small businesses today that is the most lucrative as a marketing and publicity tool is social media.


Nearly everyone is connected on social media today, its quite rare to find people who don’t use popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, small businesses today are not utilizing the social media option as an effective marketing tool. Little do such small scale companies realise the immense impact it could have and the jump in profits that they are missing out on because of this.


Here are the top five benefits of social media for small businesses:



Cheaper marketing

What better way to get your message, product information and mission statement, amongst all the other important details about your company that you wish to put out there, than do it in a cheap and cost-effective manner? It involves no investments in expensive billboards or television slots and the marketing value is ideal for initiated small businesses which don’t have large budgets allocated towards advertising and marketing.


Easier to find

Putting information out there on social media also helps your business show up on multiple search engine results which is extremely beneficial to any small business as it loosely translates to better sales of products. What’s more, individuals also have easy access to all kinds of information and FAQs answered on one single platform without any hassle.


Direct interaction with clients

One of the best ways to improve your business prospects would be to take in any suggestions and complaints that your clients have. While suggestion boxes might lie unopened and unchecked; with social media, small businesses have the perfect opportunity to directly interact with clients and offer the best kind of customer care opportunities possible.


Give your brand a character

It helps ten fold when customers realise that your business is also created by people like them who understand their needs and requirements perfectly because of a personal connection. That’s where social media can be of great value as this is a great platform where you can interact with existing and potential clients and portray the image that you wish your company to have in front of them. In short, businesses can ensure that the customers find the people behind the business relatable and easily approachable, as it ensures brand loyalty.


Expand your customer base

Its impossible in the world that we live in today that customers are able to fully trust in any products or services they wish to acquire. When publicised and vouched for on social media, not only does the brand’s trust build, but clientele also expands.


So should you be using social media more?