How Can I Make My Business Known Online In The Local Area?

SEO is a vital tool for companies who depend on local customers. Effective Local search engine optimisation will allow you to make your presence known to direct consumers or other businesses in your area who might be searching for your service or product.

Google is responsible for influencing around 88% of business decisions. This means that almost 9 out of 10 companies are sourcing their materials and services from suppliers they find online. An efficient Local SEO strategy will ensure that your company consistently ranks on page one.



Many potential customers will find their way to a local business directory through Google because of how high directories often rank in search engine results. This means that for specific terms which may be too broad for you to generate a high ranking from via Google, you can instead appear in the local directory under that term.

This, in turn, will increase your site rank in organic Google searches, as mentions of your business will be used frequently alongside direct links to your site.


Local tagging in blogs

Local tagging doesn’t necessarily need to be within the content of the site. Many businesses are putting location-specific keywords in titles, headers, footers and URLS instead. Where this becomes increasingly useful is when a site utilises regular new pages, such as blog updates which have their own direct URLs. Putting similar localised keywords in each update can be invaluable to your SEO strategy.


Put your local business address on every page

Your site will most likely feature a ‘Contact’ page, with your business name, address and phone number. To boost your visibility, incorporate these details into every page of your website. A useful local SEO tip is to put this detail in the header or footer of your site so it remains consistent throughout. If your address is listed on other pages (directories, Google Places, affiliate websites) then make sure that your address matches exactly, citations included.


The future is mobile

Searches on mobile devices have already surpassed searches by users on laptops or desktops. No longer are mobile-friendly websites a convenience, they are a necessity. If a person is searching for a local business on their phone or tablet whilst they’re on the road, they will be more inclined to navigate a site which is mobile-friendly. Additionally, ‘mobile only’ offers or deals offer an incentive for customers to return regularly.


Local Reviews

One of the biggest factors regarding search rankings is local reviews. Although Google Reviews should be your first priority, it’s important to be rated highly on local review directories as well as national pages like Yell or Yelp.

A convenient way of approaching this would be to contact any previous or existing customers and request they leave you a positive review. You could offer them a discount for their assistance.


Mention Your Area

You can further associate your business within the local area by including as much detail about the surroundings as possible. Include local street names, surrounding towns or cities, local sports teams and notable landmarks like cathedrals or shopping malls.

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