Most of us, who are very much well versed with the world of Internet, know how to search things on the major search engines. Want to find something out? Want information on something? The simple answer is to Google it out. So, basically, information is at our fingertips. The challenge is however to find the correct information in the shortest period of time. And how can one do this? Simple. Through keywords.


Keywords are like guides or path finders. Say for example, if you’re looking for a certain house in a certain block or locality, what would you need? The number of the house and then the directions. Without these two, you will be lost in a maze. Keywords are just like that. In the vast world of the worldwide web, where there is countless information stored for us to explore, it’s the keywords that help us to get to the right information at the right time. Without searching through the use of these keywords, we would be completely lost and end up swimming in a sea of information but not getting to the right shore.


Keywords play a crucial role in search engine optimization or SEO for short. This is a field of work where white hat SEO is practiced to help a website get a top ranking in search engine results. Keywords are crucial for the success of every website as the choice of right and perfectly optimized keywords will not only judge how soon it will be ranked by search engines in the top pages but also how much traffic is driven to the website. Do not forget, that visitors come to the website based on the search that they make. So, picking the right key phrases is the very first correct step that one has to take. A simple example would be like, if say you own a website that sells cakes and pastries, then your keyword for optimizing your website should be related to that only. It would have keywords like ‘creamy pastries, freshly baked buns, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, cup cakes, muffins’ and more. Your keywords will never be sugar or flour.


How many keywords should I use?


Well, this can be a bit tricky as it depends upon you and the SEO person you would be working with to decide on the number of keywords. If you are working with a professional company, then they might have a budget or a monthly package under which they’ll only provide a certain number of keywords to be optimized. It also depends upon the competition. Your rival company selling the same service or product will be using a certain set of keywords. You have to take those in consideration too at the time of choosing the keywords and the number. Generally, people go with at least 5 but then giving a broader search option is never bad. But, keyword relevancy should be there.


Choosing keywords for your website


It’s advised to keep in mind that there are innumerable searches conducted on the internet every day and by millions of users. While some users might search with one keyword, others can go with keywords phrases. Then there are long tail and short tail keywords as well. The correct and well matched keywords can get thousands of unique searches while some might get back only a few hundreds of results. Then there might be some keywords which are very competitive online as businesses might be trying to get referrals and rankings through those keywords only. That’s why when you’re choosing keywords for your website, make sure that you are doing so keeping in mind the nature of your business. Think from the search engine’s perspective or the users perspective. Think what kind of keywords are suitable for your website and what are the phrases or words that your customers will be typing in the search boxes that will bring them to your website. There are a few good and free tools like Google Keyword research and Wordtracker that can help finding the relevant keywords. These tools will give you information about the search volume and the amount of competition that the keywords have online.


What are keywords on websites?


The right keywords are crucial for marketing the website online. Keywords as pointed out earlier are like pathfinders. It helps search engines recognize your website, what kind of services you provide or if yours is an eCommerce site, then what products are sold online. Keywords are strategically placed in the website content so that when your site is optimised for those keywords, Google will find it easier to locate your website through the presence of such keywords in the content. That’s why, when the website content is developed, it’s necessary that the keywords or phrases are also placed nicely in the content. But then again, keyword stuffing should be avoided as it brings down the sites quality. Also, for better ranking, keywords should be used in the Page title, meta description, URL, H1 tag and Image tag.


The importance of using the correct keywords therefore can never be undermined. For traffic as well as recognition online, using right keywords is mandatory.

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