Last week I brought you Four Crucial Tips for Improving your Website’s Security. This week it’s all about Evergreen Content and boosting your SEO…..


The world of digital marketing has changed dramatically with time. With potential online businesses making their way, competition gets tougher each day. In such a scenario, people are always in the search of innovative and advanced tools that would help them in standing apart from the crowd. This search has taken a new turn with evergreen content! Now, what exactly is this form of content and how does it aid in providing maximum SEO? Read on to find out….


Evergreen content is a valuable asset which any website or blog can have. This is because it not only boosts organic traffic but at the same time it endeavors long-term success in the world of internet marketing, which is seldom found in any other tool.


Basics of Evergreen Content  

Not just any content can be taken as evergreen, there are five basic features that distinguishes the usual content from the evergreen ones and they are:


  • Original and Unique: Without a doubt only unique and 100% original content stand a chance to become evergreen. Published or duplicate content should never be produced for the purpose.


  • Relevant: By relevancy, it denotes that the importance of the content should be confined to a specific period of time, rather its value remains unaltered whenever it’s read.


  • Optimised: The content should follow the key rules of optimisation, making it eligible for SEO friendly websites or blogs.


  • Not too Short: If the goal is to produce evergreen content then it should be noted that the word count must be at least 300-400 words.


  • Searchable: Above all, the content that turns evergreen should always be searchable. This is the reason why the topics that you choose for it should be something that people often search for at reputable search engines, otherwise you’ll never be able to get a high ranking with it.



Use of Evergreen Content to Boost SEO

The concept of going with evergreen content is about relating with your audience for a longer period of time. For instance, a content based on news may go on air with seamless results but with time its value starts deteriorating and the same is reflected in its traffic too. Similarly, other sort of content such as ‘Gaming Skills You Need to Conquer’ or ‘How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week’ will always be relevant to the audience even if they read it three years after its publishing it.

So, the idea is pretty simple when you put together a content that will remain relevant to the reader any time they come across it, then it can be tagged as evergreen. And with the use of this form of content you can boost SEO by encouraging organic traffic and enhancing the credibility of your website or blog.



Simple & Easy Evergreen Content Ideas

Evergreen content can be implemented in your website or blog through different formats and they are:


  • Tutorials & Guides: Techniques that are mentioned for certain functions never change, and this is what makes the tutorials & guides based on them evergreen.


  • FAQs: This is one of the finest evergreen content ideas to have. Use of frequently asked questions can be a helpful resource that would always drag beginners towards your website.


  • Definitions: Every industry is encapsulated with its own set of acronyms and definitions which never change. This means that the content which is written on them will always be beneficial for everyone.


At last, the making of this form of content is not limited to any sort of rule book. It’s about having a revolutionary content with a difference that would hold its importance forever.


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